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Are you tasked with having to find a vendor for a digital project and not know where to start? The process may be overwhelming and daunting as you are faced with unfamiliar language and processes.

In this 24-minute class, I give you the tools and knowledge to identify and select the best vendor for your company’s digital project. Whether you are starting your own business and building a website for the first time or are tasked with leading the redesign for your company website, this course is appropriate for anyone new to interactive projects.

You will learn:
•    How to prepare a Request for Proposal
•    How to define your evaluation criteria
•    Where to find vendors
•    How to evaluate candidates for the shortlist and tips on making the final choice

For your class project, you will start preparing your own Request for Proposal for a real project, or practice with a suggested scenario.

No prior experience is required.

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